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Bua River Lodge


Do a quick search to see what rooms we have - though please do contact us for latest deals. Reductions are available for groups.


Take walks along the river
enjoy the water and wildlife

Call us on: +265 995 67 21 73 

Leave your troubles at the door ...

Find us nestled within the vast Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi’s oldest and largest national park, a protected area managed by African Parks. 

Surrounded by miombo woodland on the edge of the Bua River, you will find complete escapism and immersion into the African wilderness. As the seasonal river ebbs and flows, crocodiles bask in the sun, fish Eagles soar majestically overhead and elephants roam free.

From the moment you arrive and wander down to the Lodge by the river, we invite you to allow the troubles of the world to slip away and enter this bubble of tranquillity.


Peaceful sleeps

Be soothed by the river or the sounds of the wildlife around you as you relax in one of our tents 


Find your own piece of tranquility.....

~ Relax ...


For those who just want to unwind, we recommend grabbing the binoculars, a book or a cool drink and find yourself a shady spot to read, snooze or watch the world go by. 

Directly in front of you the Bua River either rushes by or presents a unique sculptured rock landscape in the dry season. The reds and golds of the rising or setting sun are reflected in the river’s pools.

Whilst quiet it is never still, a fish breaks the surface of the water, a kingfisher hovers, dragonflies seem to play in the reeds, a troupe of monkeys cheekily saunter past ... 

and be spoilt ~

Our meals are based on produce that  is fresh and in season, purchased from the surrounding communities – from this our creative cooks produce fusion dishes, mixing Malawian, African and European favorites together.

Of an evening we invite you to relax by the camp fire which casts a warm orange glow. There is silence apart from the  sounds of the river and the forest. The stars shine brightly and the moon provides a gentle glow to the water nearby. In the wet season fireflies dance and delight.

​Our staff will show you the true spirit of the warm heart of Africa - you will never wish to leave.


Soothing views


Discover the wilderness

Our guides will take you out on walks through the forest or up along the river. They will share stories of their culture and the history of the area, and help you identify the flora and fauna you pass. For the more adventurous, longer hikes can be organised with the armed Rangers who protect this Reserve.

Part of the beauty of the place is the potential proximity to wild animals, there are no boundaries and we share the river banks with all the animals of the reserve.

Other activities such as cultural visits, trips to the educational center in the park, to nearby places of interest or to the lake, pottery making, can be organised  with Management and are subject to availability. We can organise a variety of other activities for groups, so please do ask when making the booking.

We aim to have as little impact as possible on the environment and do not concrete any of our paths, so things can be a little rough underfoot in places. If you have any concerns or mobility issues, please let us know at booking.

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Where to find us

We are located in

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

Just off  the M5 that runs along the edge of Lake Malawi. 

22km (40mins) north of Nkhotakota town. Only 3 hours from Lilongwe


GPS:1 2°50'01.4"S 34°09'39.5"E

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