Fishing on the Bua

Bua River Lodge would be incomplete without the fishing. Anglers have been visiting the Bua for decades, camping at the camp site now incorporated into Bua River Lodge.

Standing on a rock in the river in the early morning light, waiting for a tug on the line, with the forest about you, is an experience not to be missed.

The main target fish in the Bua River is mpasa or Lake Salmon, so called because it swims upriver on the flood to breed before returning to the Lake. A good sports fish, weighing up to 3Kg. The peak season for Mpasa and Sanjika is late April through June, but fishing can be rewarding throughout the dry season. But watch out for the crocs, which sometimes take the opportunity of an easy meal by stealing hooked fish from the line. Not only do you lose your fish but your gear as well!

All fishing is strictly catch-and-return and a permit is required, which may be purchased at the Reserve gate for a fee of $10 per rod per day.