Travelling to Bua River Lodge

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Bua River Lodge is easy to find. It lies just 10 km off the main M5 Salima to Nkhata Bay “Lakeshore” road. The track leading to the lodge is in fair condition. Saloon cars can reach the lodge without difficulty during the dry season, although 4x4s are recommended during the rains.

The entrance to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and access to the lodge is via an unmetalled track, leaving the M5 to the left about 13 km north of Nkhotakota town and 800 metres north of Lozi Trading Centre, the first significant village you reach after leaving Nkhotakota.

Follow the track straight for about 8 km to the gate at the edge of the reserve. Continue straight for 2 km, ignoring the tracks to the left and right, and you will arrive at Bua River Lodge.

For those who are new to Malawi, directions and maps showing how to reach Nkhotakota can be found on the specific pages in the Getting here menu.

If you notify the lodge of your approximate arrival time in Nkhotakota, we will pick you up. We charge MK 8,500 per one way trip from Nkhotakota or MK 4,500 from Lozi. Or, if you like adventure, drop at Lozi Trading Centre, 12 Km north of Nkhotakota and ask for a bicycle taxi. The charge should be about MK 1,500, per bicycle.

Please note that if you are using public transport or cycling around Malawi, you will no longer be allowed to walk or cycle from the reserve gate to the lodge. This is due to the ongoing introduction of up to 500 elephants into Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve from other parks in Malawi. As we have no phone network at the lodge, it is essential that you send a text message or email at least 24 hours before your arrival so that you can be met at the gate and escorted in.